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Can you imagine a childhood spent without eating ice-cream? Most of us at Curkey couldn’t, either, until we started paying attention to the kids around us. What we found out blew our minds. We realized how much more common it was than we thought! We found that everybody goes through anywhere between three and eight episodes of throat soreness in a single year. Yes, really!

When we dug into solutions for this seemingly simple, albeit annoying problem, we realized that there are barely any good ones out there that gave the relief which we all wanted – immediately! A sore throat relieved in one day is great. But a sore throat relieved in less than one hour? Now what could be better than that? And so, we set off on a journey that took us back into the roots of ancient Indian Ayurveda. With our feet strongly rooted in evidence-backed science, we took a deep dive into proven, learned knowledge to find the cure that we all knew had to be found.

Curkey came into being so we wouldn’t have to live in a world where children couldn’t have one of the simplest pleasures in life – ice cream. Little did we know that ice cream was only a little push to get us into the journey. We soon found out that Curkey helped everyone, everywhere, every single time! We found renewed purpose in ourselves, every time someone told us a new situation that Curkey had helped them through.

A professor sought Curkey’s timely relief before he had a guest class to take, a school student was able to compete in a singing competition because Curkey rescued her throat in time, an Uber driver in the USA could drive peacefully thanks to a kind Indian customer who gave her a Curkey pastille. Not to mention the number of parents who became our regular customers after seeing how effective Curkey was for their kids who were prone to getting sore throats and/or URTIs (Upper Respiratory Tract Infections).

In the last three years since Curkey’s first foray into the world, we have continued to strive to make it the first solution that comes to your mind when you are faced with a sore throat. Curkey is the absolute no-nonsense, no-fluff solution to sore throat and URTIs. One soft pastille to suckle on, one happy throat to speak with.

Curkey is the sure cure. Are you ready to unlock your voice?

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