Can you get sore throat from alcohol?

Reminiscing about your past does not feel complete without some junk food and a couple of beers. And who better to do it with than your friends! As the night passes, in between remembrances of your wild goose chases, you and your friends raise toasts to all your outstanding accomplishments.

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Nursing a sore throat? Here’s what you should and shouldn’t eat.

When you have a sore throat, the burning and uncomfortable feeling it causes can make it hard to drink or eat. Find out the best foods to consume when you have a sore throat and the foods you might want to avoid

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Got a cranky kid with a sore throat? Here’s what you can do.

Sore throats happen all the time in childhood, but usually, it’s nothing to worry about. They can simply be part of a common cold, without causing any problems, and get better without any treatment

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Curkey - Voices, Unlocked.

Can you imagine a childhood spent without eating ice-cream? Most of us at Curkey couldn’t, either, until we started paying attention to the kids around us.

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