Can you get sore throat from alcohol?

Can You Get a Sore Throat from Alcohol - Tips & Tricks

Reminiscing about your past does not feel complete without some junk food and a couple of beers. And who better to do it with than your friends! As the night passes, in between remembrances of your wild goose chases, you and your friends raise toasts to all your outstanding accomplishments. A few drinks down, and you’re shouting over the music all night. After all the reminiscing, you can barely croak out a sentence the next morning when the sun hits your face and you wake up with a heavy head and a scratchy throat.

"Normally when someone loses their voice, it's because the vocal cords have become inflamed," explains Christopher Chang, MD, an otolaryngologic surgeon in Warrenton, Virginia. "You have to rest the voice to give it a chance to heal," Dr. Chang advises. But what if you must give a presentation at work? An instant damage control would be drinking plenty of fluids and keeping your throat warm. Breathing in humid air or a hot shower can typically do the trick as well. Dr. Chang says most beverages are fine, although sipping warm chamomile, ginger, or peppermint tea with honey throughout the day can be extra soothing for both your throat and stomach.

There's a reason you're often told to drink plenty of water after having a few drinks. Alcohol has a diuretic effect, which means it increases how frequently you urinate. Alcohol can lead to dehydration, causing symptoms like sore throat, thirst, headache or dry mouth. A couple of drinks in a week are acceptable but large amounts coupled with smoking make you far more susceptible to sore throat.

Consuming large amounts of alcohol causes the tissues within the throat to dry out which increases the risk of an infection. It can also inflame the sensitive membranes within the throat. Many people drink alcohol when they have a dry or sore throat in the belief that this will ease it, but the opposite is true. The alcohol dries the tissues out which further exacerbates their sore throat.

Here are a few tips that can help you relieve your sore throat:

1. Giving your throat plenty of rest.

2. Drinking plenty of non-alcoholic (of course!) fluids (like water or tea).

3. Salt-water gargles to temporarily relieve the pain

4. Apple cider vinegar (Use as a gargle - mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 8 ounces of water.)

5. Raw garlic - The best way to use garlic for sore throats is simply to chew on a raw clove or take a slice and suck on it for 15 minutes.

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